Steripen Sidewinder UV Water Filter

The Steripen Sidewinder UV Water Filter is a versatile camping water filter, and can also be used for emergency water purification or purification in a foreign country with non-potable water. Like other Steripen products, the Sidewinder uses a UV light to eliminate over 99% of bacteria and other organisms in water that are linked with water-borne illness. However, this product does have some differences from its Steripen siblings, including the fact that it doesn’t need batteries to operate and that it can sterilize a bit more water at one time. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative product from Steripen.

Features of the Steripen Sidewinder UV Water Filter

One of the main features that people like about the Steripen Sidewinder UV Water Filter is that it’s battery-free. Instead of sucking energy from a battery, you become the energy for the Sidewinder’s UV bulb to sterilize the water you need to drink. Basically, you use the crank, which is made to be used either left or right handed, to generate the energy the light bulb uses. When the bulb turns green, you know your liter of water is sterilized and ready to drink. Here are some other features of this camping water filter:

  • The UV lamp provides 8,000 treatments, and an external counter lets you know how many treatments you have left from that bulb
  • Comes with a Pre-Filter that helps remove particulates from water and a BPA-free drinking water bottle

Steripen Sidewinder Uv Water Filter Review

Pros and Cons of This Camping Water Filter

The Steripen Sidewinder UV Water Filter is a good option for base camps and for when you don’t want to rely on having charged batteries. Other UV filter options are known for sucking the life out of batteries rather quickly, so having a battery-free option like the Sidewinder can certainly be helpful.


  • Provides 8,000 treatments off of a single bulb without using any batteries at all
  • Disinfects a liter of water in just ninety seconds
  • Can be packed into a case that protects all the parts, particularly the bulb
  • Has been shown to eliminate over 99% of bacteria that can cause water-borne illness


  • Compared with other filters, the Steripen Sidewinder UV Filter is rather bulky, at 8.6X5.5X3.8 inches, and it weighs 16.6 ounces. While it can be packed for use on a hiking trip, it is perhaps better suited for base camp use.

Who is the Steripen Sidewinder UV Water Filter For?

This product is great for people who are traveling to a foreign country where batteries may be hard to come by or where they simply don’t want to rely on batteries. It’s also great for base camp use. Although it can be packed along in a backpack, it’s a little bulkier than most backpackers prefer. It does do its job quickly and efficiently, though, so it’s better suited for those looking for an effective UV filter to use in a stationary location.

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Steripen Sidewinder Uv Water Filter Sale

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