Steripen Classic UV Water Filter

The Steripen Classic UV Water Filter is the must-have product for people who are putting together emergency kits or who want a primary or backup method of water filtration on a camping or hiking trip. This particular camping water filter is super simple to use, and it doesn’t have a lot of extra parts to get lost. You don’t need to pump water, and you can purify water from practically any source with this pen. Here’s what you need to know about the Steripen Classic UV Water Filter.

Features of the Steripen Classic UV Water Filter

Like other Steripen products, the Steripen Classic UV Water Filter uses ultraviolet light to destroy bacteria and protozoa that can cause waterborne illness. The process is simple and quick, and there’s no guessing involved. When your water is ready, you’ll definitely know it.

  • Powered by four AA batteries, so you can easily replace your power source without needing specialized batteries or equipment
  • Weighs just eight ounces and measures 7.6 inches long
  • Meant to be used with water in a bottle or larger Nalgene style bottle

Steripen Classic Uv Water Filter Review

Pros and Cons of the Steripen Classic UV Water Filter

One of the major pros of this camping water filter is that it filters water without your needing to pre-filter it at all. If the water is full of sediment or particles, pre-filtering will make it taste better, but the pen can work on water from any source without pre-filtration.


  • Purifies 16 ounces of water in forty-eight seconds and 32 ounces in just ninety seconds
  • Does not add a chemical taste to the water or remove the taste of natural minerals you might want to experience in certain places
  • No timekeeping necessary – the Steripen Classic UV Water Filter will tell you when it’s working and when it’s done working
  • Comes with a nylon case to protect it


  • The Steripen Classic UV Water Filter can drain batteries very quickly. It is, after all, producing UV light, which takes no small amount of energy. The company recommends that you use Lithium or NiMH batteries, as they can offer six to ten times more purification rounds than Alkaline or Nickel Cadmium batteries.

Why is the Steripen Classic Perfect for You?

The Steripen Classic UV Water Filter is nice for emergency kits and travelers to foreign countries where water quality is questionable. This unit isn’t as sturdy as some of the Steripen products that are meant specifically for use on hiking and wilderness trips, though, so a backpacker might prefer a slightly smaller, sturdier version of the Steripen that may last longer in the field. However, in a pinch, it can certainly be a good option for purifying your water in the field.

Best Price & Availability

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Steripen Classic Uv Water Filter Sale

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