Steripen Adventurer UV Water Filter

The Steripen Adventurer UV Water Filter features the reliable UV filtration system of the original Steripens, but it also has some extra features that make it better for the backpacker, specifically. This camping water filter relies on UV rays to effectively kill off all harmful bacteria and microbes in water. It doesn’t change the taste of water or add in any potentially harmful chemicals, which makes it nice if you want to experience the real taste of spring-fresh water. Here’s what you need to know about the Steripen Adventurer UV Water Filter.

Features of the Steripen Adventurer UV Water Filter

One major feature of the Steripen Adventurer UV Water Filter is that it’s more compact than other Steripen options and weighs just 3.6 ounces. At this size, you can afford to carry two with you if you feel you might need a backup on your trip! Plus, this particular unit can double as an LED flashlight if you need to get some clean water at night – or just find the bathroom! It works with all sorts of water bottles and bladders, as well.

The Features Include:

  • Compact option that weighs just 3.6 ounces
  • Doubles as an LED flashlight for nighttime filtration or other purposes
  • Works with most water bottles and some bladders

Steripen Adventurer Uv Water Filter Review

Pros and Cons of This Camping Water Filter

Something reviewers love about the Steripen Adventurer UV Water Filter is that it’s a little sturdier than other Steripen options, for all that it’s lighter weight. Also, it comes with its own case, which makes it last even longer. One set of batteries can get you up to 100 treatments, and the UV lamp will do about 8,000 treatments. It’s also easy to tell when you water is being purified and when the process is complete.

The Pros

  • Sturdier than other Steripens
  • Comes with a case that protects it even better
  • Get 100 treatments on a set of batteries and 8,000 treatments from UV lamp
  • Easy to read lights tell you when it’s purifying and when it’s done

The Cons

  • It can be hard to tell when your filter is working with a colored water bottle. For this reason, some users recommend getting a clear water bottle – Nalgene even makes some – that will let you see more easily when filtration is happening and when it’s done.

Why is the Steripen Adventurer for You?

The Steripen Adventurer UV Water Filter is a great camping water filter for individuals looking for a quick, chemical-free way to effectively filter drinking water. While you will need batteries as a power source, you won’t need any filter but this one for 8,000 treatments, which will last for years even if you use this unit every day. This particular filter is a good investment for hikers who need a sturdier, lighter model than other Steripen products offer.

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Steripen Adventurer Uv Water Filter Sale

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