Camping Water Filter Reviews

Steripen Traveler UV Water Filter

The Steripen Traveler UV Water Filter is a great option for anyone looking for a lightweight way to sterilize small amounts of water at a time. It’s often used by backpackers, but it would also be suitable for bikers or those traveling to foreign countries where the water source would be uncertain. The Steripen may [...]

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Having a camping water filter is essential if you'll be camping anywhere that you aren't assured of having clean water. In fact, due to high levels of water pollution in some areas, you might want to have a camping water filter even if you're camping out of your car at a local campground that boasts running water from a hose or faucet!

There are lots of types of filters that you can use when you're camping. The most common types are the kind with replaceable cartridges, such as you might use in your own home refrigerator. Others feature a pen-light like laser that allows you to sterilize water without filtering it at all. The most hefty camping water filter is a pump filter, but this type is also helpful because it can filter lots of water at once. Each different type of camping will have its own filtration needs, as well.

Filtered Water Bottles

Filtered water bottles are helpful as a personal camping water filter. They're also useful as backpacking water filters. Basically, filtered water bottles are similar to filtration systems in water jug filters for the fridge. Filtered water bottles filter the water as you're drinking it. They're convenient as a camping water filter because they allow you to carry only the water you need and to filter it as you need it.

Backpacking Water Filters

Gravity water filters are also popular backpacking water filters. They can filter enough water for a group to use for cooking when they settle in for an evening meal. These types of backpacking water filters have to be held up so that gravity pulls the water through the filter. This type of camping water filter can fold down small enough to take in a backpack.

Base Camp Water Filter

The best type of base camp water filter is probably a pump camping water filter. This type of base camp water filter takes some manual labor to get going, but it can filter large amounts of water quickly. Having a base camp water filter is convenient when you're cooking or getting water for several people. Plus, people can fill up canteens at the base camp water filter and avoid wearing out their personal filters as quickly.

UV Water Filter

A UV water filter takes advantage of the latest technology to create clean water. These filters use high frequency rays to kill bacteria and microorganisms of many sorts that are living in water and that may potentially cause health problems. A UV water filter can be very small and doesn't alter the taste of the water or add any chemicals. One potential problem with a UV water filter, though, is that they run on batteries, so you must make sure to have extras on hand. Also, the portable UV water filter used for camping will normally only filter a water bottle's worth of water at one time, so they aren't suitable as a base camping water filter when you need to filter large quantities of water.

Camping Water Filter Reviews

Checking out camping water filter reviews can help you understand what you're looking for in a water filter. Chances are that you'll need multiple types of filters if you're going to be camping for a while or will do a combination of backpacking and base camping. In the camping water filter reviews, you should look mainly for the quality of the product at hand.

Make sure that the product you're looking at is one that will stand the test of time by seeing the kinds of camping water filter reviews others are leaving. This is especially important for a backpacking camping water filter. You could be in major trouble if you're in the middle of a hike and your filter suddenly starts working. Camping water filter reviews can help you avoid this situation.