Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles

Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles are a great option on a hike or in the city. Using a special process call adsorption, the water bottle filters out not only harmful bacteria but also harmful chemicals and metals, as well as things that can add a bad taste or smell to your drinking water. Since it improves the taste of water, some people use this camping water filter at work or school to make chemical or metal tasting water more drinkable.

Features of the Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles

This filter uses medical-grade technology to ensure that your water is totally purified from harmful elements, even including VOCs and other environmental toxins common in public drinking water as well as natural water.

Main Features

  • Drinking straw allows the bottle to filter water as you drink it, so you know your water is getting clean.
  • Special filtration system leaves behind no taste or smell of purification chemicals.
  • Bottle is made from a flexible plastic that is known for endurance and that also gives a better grip on the molded shape of the bottle.

Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles Review

Pros and Cons

The main pro of the Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles is that they give you portable water filtration that works on more than just bacteria. Water tastes better after going through this filtration system, and you can even filter out cloudiness and sediment in water.

Main Pros

  • System filters 99.9% of harmful chemical compounds and bacteria as well as silt and chlorine that can make otherwise clean water taste gritty or chemical-saturated.
  • The filter can be used with water that is mildly cloudy or silt-filled, so you don’t have to strain water before putting it in the bottle.
  • Filter even gets out chemical taste that can make purified water or city tap water taste unpleasant.
  • Easy to use.

Some Cons

  • May not filter out 100% of bacteria or microorganisms in heavily contaminated water. However, you can disinfect the water with two or three drops of chlorine or bleach, and the filter will pull out the taste and color of the disinfectant before you drink the water.
  • Straw may allow water through too slowly for some people’s tastes.

Who are Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles For?

Great for both hikers and people who just want to have better-tasting water at home or the office, Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles are a perfect solution. They may not be as satisfactory for those who prefer to “gulp” water, however, since the straw does allow a limited amount of water through at one time.

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Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles Sale

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