LifeSaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles

LifeSaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles are really amazing pieces of technology. While most other camping water filters will filter down to about 200 nanometers, which only gets out larger bacteria and barely touches viruses. This bottle, on the other hand, uses a filtration system with pores that are just fifteen nanometers, which means that your water gets crystal clean and free from all types of bacteria and viruses that can make people sick. Plus, this filter gets out many of the things in water that can make it taste bad, which is great if you’re drinking natural water full of minerals and sediment.

Features of LifeSaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles

One of the main features of LifeSaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles is that they can pick up water through a pump in the bottom. The drinking end of the bottle doesn’t get contaminated, and you can easily get water from almost any nearby source.

  • A fail-safe that doesn’t allow you to pump any more water into the bottle when the filter is used up
  • Replaceable filters mean the water bottle lasts practically forever and filters are just replaced as needed
  • Each filter can go through over 1,500 gallons of water before it needs to be replaced

Lifesaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles Review

Pros and Cons of LifeSaver Filtered Water Bottles

With these filtered water bottles, you can get about eight years’ worth of clean water if you drink the average amount of about two liters a day on a single cartridge. How incredible is that! That makes each LifeSaver bottle and each cartridge an investment that you’ll really get your money’s worth from, whether you’re on the trail or in a foreign country with a questionable water supply.


  • Filters more quickly than other water bottles, so you can get a good stream of water going easily
  • Holds over a liter of water but is compact enough to fit into a backpack
  • Pop top protects the drinking teat from contamination while you’re filling the water bottle
  • Can be used in temperatures down to freezing and up to 122 degrees


  • The overall product may be a little bulky for a compact camping water filter, particularly for backpackers who are used to trimmer options. However, it still is going to filter more of the harmful organisms out of water than any other filtration system on the market so you shouldn’t discount it solely on its larger size.

Is the LifeSaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottle for You?

LifeSaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles are great for travelers of all sorts who want personal water filters that really don’t require any secondary filtration or purification methods. They are quite an investment compared with other filtration water bottles, but the cost per liter over time is actually quite affordable if you price it out according to how many liters one single filter can work through. If you love spending time in the outdoors camping, backpacking, and hiking or if you do any international travel whatsoever, the LifeSaver 6000 filtered water bottle definitely is for you.

Best Price and Availability

Other than some specialty stores, LifeSaver bottles are rarely stocked at local retail stores. You are obviously going to find the best availability (and price!) by purchasing online – and LifeSaver 6000 filtered water bottles are no exception. Click here and take advantage of today’s best deal now!

Lifesaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles Sale

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