Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles

The Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles are great for the campground, the trail, or the office. If you ever need water to look and taste better, this is definitely a good option for you. Without the extra filtration insert, the MyBottle doesn’t actually purify water to the level that you need for it to be safe. However, the included carbon filter will take out the taste of chemical water purifiers like iodine, so you can easily use this bottle in conjunction with these to get water that tastes better and is better for you.

Features of the Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles

The Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles work like a normal carbon filter. The water filters as you’re drinking it, and the carbon takes out the bad smells and tastes that natural and manmade chemicals in the water can cause. The bottle is about the size of a regular water bottle, which means it fits in backpack slots and such. It also has a replaceable water filter so you can save money by just replacing the filter.

The Features Include:

  • Carbon filter that gets out bad tastes and smells as well as particulate matter in your water
  • Sized like a regular water bottle for convenience when using a backpack
  • Replaceable filter allows you to save money in the long run

Katadyn Mybottle Filtered Water Bottles Review

Pros and Cons of This Camping Water Filter

Above all, the Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles are simple to use. Simply fill the water bottle, and go. The flip top cap makes them easy to drink out of, and the slim design is easy to grip and squeeze as you’re drinking. If you need this water bottle to also filter out microbes, you can purchase an additional filter component that will make water potable as well as tasty.

The Pros:

  • Simple to use – just fill it up and start drinking
  • Flip top cap stays clean and is easy to drink from
  • Slim design is easy to hold and squeeze
  • Additional filter for potable water is available

The Cons:

  • Like most water bottle camping water filters, the Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles are a little slower to drink from than regular water bottles because the water is actually filtering as you’re drinking. However, if you squeeze a bit, you can get a decent flow rate from this bottle.

Are Katadyn Filtered Water Bottles Right for You?

The Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles are great for people looking for a simple way to make water taste better at work or home. They’re also nice for hikers and campers who like to use chemical water purifiers but don’t necessarily want to taste them in their water. If you really want an effective water bottle filter, you can always buy the separate cyst filter also available from Katadyn.

Best Price and Availability

Camping Water Filters like the Katadyne filtered water bottles can be difficult to find stocked at local stores to say the least. You will get the best availability on all the best camping water filter models (and the best price!) when you do your shopping online. Just go here and get today’s best price on Katadyn’s MyBottle now and save today!

Katadyn Mybottle Filtered Water Bottles Sale

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