Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles

On the outside, Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles look like regular sports water bottles. They’re made from relatively hard plastic and hold about twenty-two ounces of water for the active person. On the inside, though, these water bottles are different. Inside, they include a filter that helps get all sorts of microbiological hazards out of natural water or water from questionable sources. These water bottles are great for camping or hiking, or just about any time when you aren’t sure where your water is coming from and whether or not it’s safe.

Features of Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles

One of the main features of Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles is that the filter is super simple to replace. Rather than replacing the entire water bottle, as you have to do with some built-in filter personal water bottles, you can just drop in a new filter. The filters are good for a while, but it’s never a bad idea to have an extra one or two on hand just in case.

  • Nalgene construction makes these water bottles virtually indestructible
  • Flip-over cap protects the spout from getting contaminated when you’re filling the water bottle or carrying it around

Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles Review

Pros and Cons of these Filtered Water Bottles

Filtered water bottles in general are a great idea when you’re on the trail, since you can easily filter your own water supply without having to worry too much about pumping water ahead of time. Plus, Aquamira filtered water bottles are rated to remove the worst of microbial imposters in your water so that you can drink clean, safe water, no matter where you’re at.


  • Water bottle is easy to use
  • Easy to clean design means you don’t have to worry about keeping your water bottle clean
  • Water bottle holds more water than your average bottle, even with the filter inserted


  • Like some other filtered water bottles, the Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles may make getting water out a little difficult, since it has to flow through a filter. Be patient, though, and by squeezing the bottle and sucking on the spout, you’ll be able to get all the filtered water you need.

Who Should Buy these Filtered Water Bottles?

If you’re looking for a personal camping water filter that’s easy to use, this might be it. Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles take no pumping or prior cleaning of the water, and the filters are easy to drop into the bottles. If you’re concerned about throwing pieces of a bottle away, this is a good option, since the water bottle itself is indefinitely reusable as long as you keep the filter updated.

Best Price and Availability

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Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles Sale

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