Filtered Water Bottles


Eco Vessel Filtered Water Bottles

Eco Vessel Filtered Water Bottles are a great option if you want to be environmentally friendly and have healthy, great-tasting water no matter where you go. These water bottles are different from most filtered water bottles in that they’re made from stainless steel rather than plastic. Even if you’re dealing with BPA-free plastic, these are [...]

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Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles

The Katadyn MyBottle Filtered Water Bottles are great for the campground, the trail, or the office. If you ever need water to look and taste better, this is definitely a good option for you. Without the extra filtration insert, the MyBottle doesn’t actually purify water to the level that you need for it to be [...]

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Lifesaver 4000 Filtered Water Bottles

The Lifesaver 4000 Filtered Water Bottles use some of the highest technology on the market to filter out absolutely everything in water that can cause waterborne illness. Because its filters are so much smaller and tighter than even carbon filters, even viruses, which are normally small enough to pass through a filtration system, can be [...]

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LifeSaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles

LifeSaver 6000 Filtered Water Bottles are really amazing pieces of technology. While most other camping water filters will filter down to about 200 nanometers, which only gets out larger bacteria and barely touches viruses. This bottle, on the other hand, uses a filtration system with pores that are just fifteen nanometers, which means that your [...]

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Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles

On the outside, Aquamira Filtered Water Bottles look like regular sports water bottles. They’re made from relatively hard plastic and hold about twenty-two ounces of water for the active person. On the inside, though, these water bottles are different. Inside, they include a filter that helps get all sorts of microbiological hazards out of natural [...]

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Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles

Sport Berkey Filtered Water Bottles are a great option on a hike or in the city. Using a special process call adsorption, the water bottle filters out not only harmful bacteria but also harmful chemicals and metals, as well as things that can add a bad taste or smell to your drinking water. Since it [...]

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Filtered water bottles are perfect for camping, but they can also be great for everyday life. When you're camping, the main thing you need to worry about water-wise is whether or not you're getting enough clean water. Filtered water bottles help you take care of this potential problem by giving you clean water whenever you need it.

How Filtered Water Bottles Work

Basically, filtered water bottles are set up with a mechanical drinking filter and a carbon drinking filter. The mechanical filter is basically a screen to keep larger pieces of debris from getting into your water. The carbon drinking filter helps get rid of odors and bad tastes as well as potentially harmful things in the water. Filtered water bottles normally have straws so that as you're drinking through the straw, you're pulling water through the filter so it gets clean. One of the biggest advantages filtered water bottles have over a uv water filter is that they don't only filter out the impurities, they can also improve the taste!

Filtered Water Bottles Make a Great Camping Water Filter

These water bottles are really convenient for campers for several reasons. For one thing, they don't require that you carry a large filter or a lot of water at once. Some camping water filter models are meant for large quantities of water. They're great designs for a base camp water filter but not so great for a day on foot. Filtered water bottles only require you to carry one bottle of water at a time. If you're going to be near a relatively clean water source, like a high mountain stream, you can just keep filling up your bottle as you go - perfect backpacking water filters.

Also, these types of filters don't require batteries or electricity. Although the filters in filtered water bottles do need to be replaced periodically in order to be effective, they don't require you to carry any batteries. When you're going to be camping for a long time, it may be a good idea to carry a few extra filters for your filtered water bottles just so you're sure of always having safe, drinkable water on hand.

Other Camping Water Filter Styles

Of course, a camping water filter that works with larger amounts of water can be a nice compliment to filtered water bottles for individual campers. Gravity and pump style water filters are popular for the base camp. If you're hiking from one location to another, then a gravity pump can fold down into a backpack and be used to filter cooking water and such each day. If you're camping from a base camp, a pump style camping water filter is the most effective way to clean large quantities of water at a time when you need to cook or fill up several canteens for the next day.