Platypus CleanStream Camping Water Filter

The Platypus CleanStream Camping Water Filter is a great option if you need to get plenty of water clean in a short amount of time. Plus, since it relies on gravity and hollow fiber technology to clean the water, you don’t have to actually use a pump. Without the pump system, the Platypus filter is lightweight enough to take on a long backpacking trip, but it can be used to purify water for many people at once. Plus, the efficient purifying system means that you can also rely on it for purifying your cooking water, so you aren’t limited to only purifying your drinking water and boiling the water for cooking.

Features of the Platypus CleanStream Camping Water Filter

The Platypus CleanStream Camping Water Filter features two four-liter reservoirs – one for clean water and one for dirty water. The reservoirs and hoses are guaranteed to keep from adding chemical or plastic taste to your clean water, and the entire system works conveniently without a pump. Here are some of the best features of this base camp water filter:

  • Filters four liters of water in two and a half minutes or less
  • Weighs under two pounds and packs down efficiently so it’s easy to carry
  • Features a specialized Hollow Fiber filter cartridge that filters almost everything harmful or bad-tasting out of your water

Platypus Cleanstream Camping Water Filter Review

Pros and Cons

Like everything else, the Platypus CleanStream Camping Water Filter has its pros and cons. The main advantage is that it can easily clean a load of water in a very short time, and there’s no pumping involved. Even though it has the capacity to be used as a base camp water filter, it’s lightweight enough to take and use on day hikes in the middle of the woods.


  • The unit can be packed down into a case that’s about the size of your average water bottle, so it’s very easy to pack along on a hike
  • The Platypus CleanStream Camping Water Filter can be used almost anywhere and can even be hung on a backpack so it will filter water as you hike
  • The filter gets water clean enough that you don’t need to worry about contamination or taste
  • The filter can be set up as a camp sink and base camp water source, as well


  • The Platypus CleanStream Camping Water Filter is one of the more expensive options on the market. However, you do get what you pay for with this system, which is incredibly versatile and saves you the trouble of pumping water at your base camp.

Who Should Use the Platypus CleanStream?

This product would be suitable for base campers and hikers alike. However, it’s really worthwhile for those who are doing a bit of both. Why buy two separate water filters when you can use the Platypus to efficiently filter drinking water on the trail or plenty of water for all your needs back at the base camp?

Best Price & Availability

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Platypus Cleanstream Camping Water Filter Sale

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