Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter

The Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter is one of the best options for larger groups who need lots of water and don’t want to spend a ton of time pumping it. It weighs just two pounds, so it can actually be used on a backpacking trip where several people will be sharing the weight, though it’s not the lightest weight option on the market. Of course, a gravity filter isn’t as quick as a pump camping water filter, but if you filter every time you’re at base camp, it normally gets you enough to get through the day.

Features of the Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter

One of the major features of the Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter is that it uses the replaceable Hiker PRO Cartridge, which extends the life of the entire unit and can be cleaned in the field. Each cartridge can filter about 200 gallons of water! In the best conditions, the filter will do up to 2.5 gallons of water in fifteen minutes, though it’s not always this quick. The bag packs down easily and is made of high-quality, long-lasting nylon.

Features Include:

  • Uses replaceable, field cleanable Hiker PRO Cartridge
  • Filters about 200 gallons per cartridge
  • Filters up to 2.5 gallons in fifteen minutes
  • High-quality nylon bag packs down easily

Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter Review

Pros and Cons of this Camping Water Filter

Something reviewers really like about the Katadyn Base Camp Filter is that it holds just the right amount of water. It can filter a lot at once, but it doesn’t get too heavy to hold up if you can’t find a tree to hang it from. It also makes the water taste better, which is not the case with some of the chemical and UV water filters. Besides this, people like that it filters enough water quickly that it can provide a group of up to ten with enough fresh water for a hiking or camping trip.


  • Holds just enough water not to get too heavy or filter too little
  • Unlike many filters – the Katadyn even improves the taste of the water
  • Filters water quickly using gravity (no hand-pumping necessary)


According to some, this Katadyn filter tents to slow down rather easily. This can be fixed first by using the pre-filter, especially with very cloudy water, and second by learning to efficiently clean the filter in the field, which isn’t hard.

Is the Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter for Your Group?

The Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter is definitely designed for large groups, though there’s no reason a smaller group couldn’t use it, too. It weighs just two pounds, so it’s not the heaviest thing to carry around. This is the best option in gravity filters for larger groups, and Katadyn has a very good reputation, too. However, it may make sense to go ahead and buy a second filter just in case, or at least to carry personal water filters in case the flow rate slows way down near the end of the filter’s life.

Best Price and Availability

Most local camping stores don’t have much of a selection of camping water filters, and finding the Katadytn Gravity filter locally is going to be tough. The best availability (as well as the best price) is obviously going to be online. Get today’s best online price on the Katadyn Base Camp water filter now and save today!

Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter Sale

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