MSR SweetWater Backpacking Water Filters

MSR SweetWater Backpacking Water Filters are known for being both durable and lightweight. While these pumps are meant for light to moderate use, they can also handle occasional use at a higher level, making them versatile for the hiker who sometimes wants to pump more water at base camp. The pump is made with efficiency in mind, and the unit can pump around 1.25 Liters per minute, meaning that you can get all the water you need with little effort. The entire unit folds down neatly so that it will fit in a tight-packed backpack, as well.

Features of this Camping Water Filter

One of the main features of the SweetWater Backpacking Water Filters is that they have been shown to eliminate 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria, which makes these filters more effective – scientifically speaking – than many others on the market. Plus, the MSR system uses a carbon core filter, which also removes taste and odors so that your water is both clean and clean-tasting, no matter where it comes from. Here are some other features of the MSR SweetWater:

  • Fold-down handle with a special ergonomic design for quick pumping ease of packing
  • Weighs only 11 oz., so is easy to pack and carry
  • Color coded silicone hoses resist cracking and ensure that you don’t accidentally contaminate your own water
  • Comes with its own stuff sack so all pieces and cleaning equipment can be safely stored together

Msr Sweetwater Backpacking Water Filters Review

Pros and Cons of MSR SweetWater Backpacking Water Filters

MSR SweetWater Backpacking Water Filters have several advantages. One of the best is the four to one mechanical advantage on the pump, which makes this unit incredibly easy to operate. Users also note that this unit is easy to assemble and disassemble, which is convenient when you need water on the go.


  • Filters around 1.25 Liters of water per minute, meaning you can use this for all your drinking-water needs
  • Pumps out clean water through a hose that is very versatile and can be inserted into a water bottle, cooking pot, or other receptacle
  • Comes with a water bottle adaptor for extra convenience
  • One of the lightest weight camping water filter pumps on the market, and folds into a compact shape for ease of packing
  • Eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria in water and cuts out odors and bad tastes, as well


  • Unit needs to be cleaned frequently, but comes with cleaning brush and is easy to disassemble and clean

Is the SweetWater for You?

The MSR SweetWater Backpacking Water Filters have been known to last for years under light to moderate use, so if you’re looking to make an investment in a long-lasting filter, this might be the one for you. Also, though, this filter is efficient enough to occasionally be used for heavier water filtration needs, which makes it a versatile solution. If you prefer camping water filters that are simple to use, yet effective, you cannot go wrong with the MSR SweetWater.

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MSR Sweetwater Backpacking Water Filters Sale

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