MSR MiniWorks EX Backpacking Water Filters

The MSR MiniWorks EX Backpacking Water Filters are fantastic filters for backpackers and base campers alike. Any time you need to filter lots of water for a group of people, this could be a great option to use. This camping water filter is the popular pump type, so it allows you to filter lots of water very quickly. Plus, it helps remove foul tastes from water so that your water isn’t just clean, but it actually tastes clean.

Features of this Camping Water Filter

One of the main features of the MSR MiniWorks EX Backpacking Water Filters is that they come with a lifetime warranty. This seems like a random thing to note, but most water filters aren’t meant to stand up to a lifetime of use – even proper use. If you really want to make an investment in a filter that will be around for a while, this is one you should check out.

  • Carbon core filter that gets rid of toxins, biological contaminants, and minerals that leave water with a bad odor or taste
  • Easy to clean without tools so you can maintain the product in the field
  • AirSpring Accumulator technology increases filtration speed

MSR Miniworks Ex Backpacking Water Filters Review

Pros and Cons of the MSR MiniWorks EX Backpacking Water Filters

The MSR MiniWorks EX Backpacking Water Filters were really created with backpackers in mind. They weigh in at under a pound and are incredibly compact and easy to pack down to next to nothing. This means you can get all the clean water you need without having to add a ton of weight to your pack!


  • Pumps up to one liter per minute
  • Intake tube can easily be filtered with a coffee filter to reduce particulate matter and keep the cleaning needs down to a minimum
  • Easy to snap into a Nalgene or similar water bottle to keep things as mess-free as possible
  • Can easily be maintained in the field without having to carry or use special tools for the job


  • According to some reviews, the filter on this camping water filter is a bit fragile. Be careful when taking the filtration system apart, and protect the filter cartridge. You may also consider taking a second cartridge on a long backpacking trip just in case!

Is the MiniWorks Camping Water Filter for You?

The MSR MiniWorks EX Backpacking Water Filters are great for campers who need a lightweight way to filter as much water as they need in the field. If you’re put off by bad smelling or tasting water, this filtration system can be even more helpful, since it keeps water tasting clean as it’s actually cleaning out things that will make you sick. It’s easy to use, so if you’re into pump water filters, it might be a great option to check out.

Best Price and Availability

MSR camping water filters are available in small supply at some outdoor specialty local retail stores but you will find the best selection, as well as the best price, when you buy online – and the MiniWorx EX filter is no exception. Click here and take advantage of today’s best deal now!

MSR Miniworks Ex Sale

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