Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water Filters

Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water Filters have a couple of interesting qualities. You can filter less-dirty water with a glass fiber filter for faster flow and dirtier water with a ceramic pre-filter for less flow but longer life. It also has a replaceable carbon core, which means it takes bad tastes as well as bad bacteria and other contaminants out of your water. The Vario is a good option for some people, though it’s not the easiest unit to maintain in the field, and may not last as long as some other Katadyn products without as many moving parts.

Features of the Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water Filters

The main feature of the Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water filters is that they have two settings. The glass fiber filter can be use in less dirty water for faster filtering. In dirtier water, you can use the ceramic pre-filter, which slows things down but saves your filter from extra damage and increases its lifespan. It also features a replaceable carbon core, which gets rid of tastes and odors in the water much like a Brita filter. It comes, also, with a carrying case, which is a convenient feature in the field.

Features Include:

  • Two settings: one for speed and one for durability
  • Replaceable carbon core removes bad tastes and smells from water
  • Carrying case makes it easier to haul around

Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water Filters Review

What Camping Water Filter Reviews Say

Camping water filter reviews on the Katadyn Vario are mixed. Those who really like it say it’s a great value for your money compared with the Katadyn Pocket Filter, and they also like that it’s got a double-piston design that makes pumping water a lot faster. Others comment that it’s quite lightweight, even if it isn’t the trimmest design on the market. Some really love that it will attach directly to a Nalgene bottle or Camelback, which really lowers chances of accidental contamination.


  • Good value for your money compared with other filters
  • Double piston design makes pumping easier and faster
  • Lightweight option
  • Attaches directly to Nalgene bottles or Camelback bladders to lower chances of contamination


Several reviewers complained of leaking, particularly during backwashing, which can risk contamination if you aren’t careful. This may not be the most durable option out there, either, since it has a lot of moving parts that seem rather breakable. If you’re careful, though, you should cut risks of contamination and be able to make it last.

Is the Katadyn Vario Your Best Option?

The Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water Filters are great for backpackers who don’t mind a bit of extra bulk in order to get better pumping speed. They’re also an excellent choice if you like the idea of two different settings and a carbon filter to get rid of tastes. It is definitely not the sturdiest option out there, but if you aren’t backpacking all the time, it’s a good value for your money – much cheaper than the Pocket Microfilter by Katadyn!

Best Availability and Price

While some local high-end backpacking retailers likely carry the Katadyn Vario, you’ll find much easier availability (and better pricing) online. Get today’s best online price on the Vario here and save a few bucks.

Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water Filters Sale

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