Backpacking Water Filters


Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water Filters

Katadyn Vario Backpacking Water Filters have a couple of interesting qualities. You can filter less-dirty water with a glass fiber filter for faster flow and dirtier water with a ceramic pre-filter for less flow but longer life. It also has a replaceable carbon core, which means it takes bad tastes as well as bad bacteria [...]

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Aquamira Frontier Pro Backpacking Water Filters

The Aquamira Frontier Pro Backpacking Water Filters are a great option for hikers who need a super lightweight option for the trail. In fact, these are so lightweight and compact that you can pack multiples for backup, in case anything happens to your original filter. If you want a simple filtration option that will keep [...]

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MSR HyperFlow Backpacking Water Filters

MSR HyperFlow Backpacking Water Filters are great if you need to filter lots of water quickly without carrying around a huge filter. This filter gets protozoa and bacteria out of water, which means you don’t have to worry about water borne illness when you’re on the trail. It also filters out particulates, so your water [...]

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MSR MiniWorks EX Backpacking Water Filters

The MSR MiniWorks EX Backpacking Water Filters are fantastic filters for backpackers and base campers alike. Any time you need to filter lots of water for a group of people, this could be a great option to use. This camping water filter is the popular pump type, so it allows you to filter lots of [...]

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MSR SweetWater Backpacking Water Filters

MSR SweetWater Backpacking Water Filters are known for being both durable and lightweight. While these pumps are meant for light to moderate use, they can also handle occasional use at a higher level, making them versatile for the hiker who sometimes wants to pump more water at base camp. The pump is made with efficiency [...]

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Backpacking water filters come in many different types, and before you go backpacking, it's a good idea to check out your options. Why do you need to look at backpacking water filters before a camping trip? The main reason is that you never know what's in the water where you're backpacking. Even the most pristine looking mountain stream can be full of bacteria that could make you too sick to continue your hike. Some bacteria found in water could even kill you! This isn't even to mention the manmade pollutants that often find their way into natural water supplies.

Types of Backpacking Water Filters

So, getting backpacking water filters is essential before you go, especially since you can't carry your own water with you when you backpack unless you're only going out for a day or two. There are lots of types of backpacking water filters, including gravity filters, filtered water bottles, and the new UV water filters that are gaining a lot of popularity lately. Gravity filters can squish down into next to nothing, and they're great for putting in your pack. They can also filter water for several people. The main problem is that they need to be held up to work, so you might find yourself holding a water filter for a while as the system works. These backpacking water filters are great for filtering water when you settle into a camp at night.

Filtered water bottles are good personal backpacking water filters. These filters are like the ones you use in your fridge at home, but they fit into individual bottles. The bottle filters water as you drink it. High quality filters can be very effective, and these backpacking water filters mean you don't need to carry too much water at once.

Finally, UV backpacking water filters are the newest thing to hit the market. They use UV rays to kill bacteria in water. They're light and small, but they can only filter a bottle or so of water at a time. Still, their light weight and versatility makes them helpful as backpacking water filters. The one drawback to a uv water filter is that it does not improve the taste of the water. However, some of the best tasting water available is that from a mountain stream - the kind you'll find when backpacking the high country.

Camping Water Filter Differences

Sometimes a camping water filter is slightly different than a backpacking version. If you aren't sure, look around at reviews or talk with experienced backpackers. A camping water filter is often made for base camping and so is heavier or less compact. If you're choosing a backpacking water filter for a true packing trip, it should be lightweight and easy to stuff into your pack without taking up a lot of room. If you are looking for something more stationary, something you can setup at camp for a few days, you'll want to consider a base camp water filter.